Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians of all time

 #5  G. F. Bernhard Riemann           

Hailing from a poor family, G. F. Bernhard Riemann was born in 1826 and today even after his death his mathematical contribution has paved way for new advancements in this particular field. His vital role in bringing out Riemannian geometry, Riemannian Surfaces and the Riemann Integral has made his name appear in the records of top ten greatest Mathematicians of all time. He is also remembered for his renownedly complex Riemann Hypothesis; an extremely difficult problem on the matter of the distributions of prime numbers.

 #4  Isaac Newton                

The English Scientist cum Mathematician during his life span from 25th December, 1642 – 20th March, 1727 has proved himself as one of the greatest Mathematicians of all time since he had founded “calculus”, an important branch of mathematics.

 #3  Euclid      

Known as the Father of Geometry, Euclid lived around 300 BC. Though very less is known about his life, he is still a familiar face while talking about Elements, is one the greatest mathematical works in history and logical proof for theorems and conjectures.

 #2  Leonhard Euler            

Living from 1707 to 1783, Leonhard Euler is another great Mathematician who has earned reputation till date for the shorthand trigonometric functions, the ‘e’ for the base of the natural logarithm, the Greek letter Sigma, for summation and the letter ‘/i’ for imaginary units and the symbol pi for the ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter. Besides these he also carried on to develop calculus, topology, number theory, analysis and graph theory and many more.

 #1  Carl Friedrich Gauss             

Carl Friedrich Gauss’s name leads the list of top ten greatest Mathematicians till date. Famous for several important contributions like proving fundamental theorem of algebra, introducing Gaussian gravitational constant in physics and wrote the incredible Disquisitiones Arithmeticae even before he was 24 years have echoed down through generations. The outstanding Mathematician lived for 77 years and graduated from Collegium Carolinum, one of the most prestigious mathematical universities of the time.


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